You can’t defend what you just repeat

When it comes to the way we think we need to change things as we grow. Some things we were taught as children were helpful when we were a child and are no longer needed, some were location based and a no long needed wherever you have moved to and somewhere passed down to you from someone who got it passed down to them and the thing is now outdated.

What Should We Be Willing To Give Up For Success (And What Shouldn’t We)?

Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone wants what they do to go far and be great. We want to be great and amazing; we want to go further than anyone that we can see. We all have a little desperation in us, whether it is a little or a lot. That desperation makes us want to give anything and do anything to go far.

Religion and Spirituality

Spirituality is a journey that you go through to make yourself reach a point in which you are happy, at peace or at a point that you are comfortably growing. Religion is the doctrine that is to help you grow. Religion is the group and spirituality is personal.

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