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To start off i would like to say I have no idea what I am doing but I will do it boldly and hopefully I will get an idea soon enough. (Edit: I now have a little Idea of what I am doing. Rejoice!)

My name is Timilehin Olaokun and I an the creator of the lion’s pen blog. This is my third attempt at creating a blog and it seems to be going well. I try to post every 5 days and most (Okay all) of my posts are just my going on a tangent about anything that comes to my mind. That means that all of it is from my completely biased view of a Nigerian living in South Africa.

I am an aspiring author and I have an overactive imagination and I might have maladpative daydreaming (according to the internet research I did). I say this I come up with way more ideas than I can possibly write down, so I decided to start a blog 5o get most of my non-creative thoughts down hoping it well help out (it’s not, but I enjoy this so I’m not going to stop). My goal is to somehow get all my ideas out of my head and into the world in whatever format I believe they should be out in.

Interestingly enough people see me as shy at first but when they get to know me they say I am a little bit arrogant. Personally I believe that is complete nonsense, i am the most humble person I know. It’s not my fault the i am so amazing and talented (also I have been know to have no sense of humor and tell really bad jokes, but that is just ridiculous).

I hope you enjoy the blog and don’t be shy of telling me what I can do to make it better (and please of you also know the how let me know, because I have very little clue what I am doing).

Let’s make something together.

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