What Should We Be Willing To Give Up For Success (And What Shouldn’t We)?

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For what profited a man, if he gain the whole world, but lose his soul
Mark 8:36

Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone wants what they do to go far and be great. We want to be great and amazing; we want to go further than anyone that we can see. We all have a little desperation in us, whether it is a little or a lot. That desperation makes us want to give anything and do anything to go far.

The question is then what should we be willing to give up to get as far as possible and what things should we hold on to?

That answer…is different for everyone.

I mean as everyone has different fingerprints (unless science has finally gone too far and has perfected human cloning) everyone has different thresholds for pretty much everything. Some people are capable of giving up everything, doing anything and become whoever or whatever they have to get as possible and other people cannot leave their comfort zones regardless of which opportunities are in front of them.

They are both two extremes that people do and while some argue at which side of the spectrum (I can call this a spectrum right?) is the better place to fall on, I won’t because both of them are the wrong way.

On the one end you don’t leave the little bubble that you created for yourself based entirely on experiences that you want to keep. You keep yourself in a shell (whether the shell is made because of negative experiences or anything else that shell is still up) and never grow beyond the point where your bubble was put up. Everything seems safe and nothing ever changes so you stay the same and stagnate in your life. This is a bad thing because even though you remain the same the world won’t. You will end up alone as most of the people in your life will move on as they move on their paths to their dreams and family won’t always be around (I mean your sibling do have their own lives and even your parents will die eventually). This can be a sad and solitary life for those that live it.

On the other hand, you give your everything to everyone that says that they can help you get to the level that you want to get to. Whenever there is a breeze that seems to benefit you are carried away from it to the limit of whatever direction it goes. This is a bad way to live because this is an easy way to be take advantage of and honestly going around changing who you are at almost every level just to please those around you isn’t a healthy way to live your life to begin with. If you don’t have something to stand for you tend to fall for everything. So, when you are changing you should change around a core ideal that you develop through the changes.

The truth is we will all change (we all have to change) and fighting that change is impossible or will be detrimental to us, but in the end the things that you should hopefully (in a perfect world) keep are your core beliefs that you have that got you here (whether spiritual or philosophical you should keep them), your integrity should always remain solid because they are what tell you when you are going far (although this is hard to do as it always seems like people are being punished for having integrity in this world) and you family and friends, the ones that believe in is that help and support us telling us yes when we tell ourselves no and saying no when we need a no (but don’t be afraid to cut out those in your life that bring you down).

Some people have found exactly what they want to be, and some people need to continue going down the path of change that they are walking on. We all have different paths that we are taking to reach our goals, but we should try not to lose ourselves on these paths.

Be you but don’t lose you.

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